Fortune Coins Casino – Free Sweeps Cash Casinos

Social gaming is like a wildfire, spreading uncontrollably and almost anyone in the gambling industry already knows it. They’re also called sweeps cash casinos, and they’re here to stay for long and dominate the market. One newcomer that is disrupting the competition is Fortune Coins Casino.


Like many other free sweeps cash casinos, Fortune Coins is set to open and be available to anyone worldwide. The casino is set to open by early 2022, but you can still snag a ticket to gain early access to their beta phase through their website. If you don’t have the chance to get in, don’t worry since we’re here to help you prepare and learn what to expect from this great upcoming website.

Rewards and Bonuses

Fortune Coins Casino offers a very generous 100% top-up bonus. It means that you will be rewarded with their virtual currency but doubled with what you initially purchased first. It is an excellent promotion, especially for people who are tight on budget but still want to try free sweeps cash casinos.

You can also expect to generate more points as time passes by as they also have a login bonus promotion. However, you have to make sure that you check in daily to avoid missing anything from their drops. It gives their players incentive for visiting their platform regularly and increasing the chance of them being loyal.

Since Fortune Coins are newly created, there are chances that these bonuses and rewards will change, either positively or negatively. However, we’re confident that it will continue to increase since the casino’s potential is hard to ignore.

Purchasing sweep coins is highly prohibited since it would be illegal in many states. However, this scenario has a workaround as most social casinos offer mail-in requests for their clients. The premise is simple, you have to send a mail to the casino, and they get back to you immediately, granting you sweep coins, depending on the amount indicated on their promotion.

In the case of Fortune Coins, there’s still no verified amount that anyone may receive, but once they’re open, we’re sure that they will allow mail-in requests immediately.

How to Make Profit

Sweepstakes casinos differ from traditional online gambling sites since they use actual money compared to their virtual currencies. You don’t win cash while playing in Fortune Coins, as you’ll have the chance to win digital points instead. You exchange these coins for valuable prizes to make a profit, which generally also includes money.

This given premise has allowed sweepstakes casinos to operate in many states and other parts of the globe where gambling laws are very tight.

Compared to the traditional online casino experience, sweeps cash casinos provide far better entertainment as gambling laws are not chaining them down. Social gaming casinos have more freedom regarding the games they choose and what slots they let their players play. Fortune Coin and other sweepstakes casinos will indeed be here to stay and even grow.